The full package Kandice K*A*S*H — Singer, songwriter, singjay and deejay

  • Vocalist – Singer, songwriter,  singjay and deejay.
  • Entertainer – Live shows, sound clash and music videos.
  • Actress – Stage, commercials, movies and television shows.

A messenger of hope to the lost, broken, weary, souls scattered along life’s miserable roads. Her unique style and charisma, comforts then suddenly ignites her audience into willing participants. Her stage presence whether singing or acting, gives you a wonderful vibe that captivates and carries you quickly on an unforgettable journey. K*A*S*H is currently working on her debut album, which is scheduled to be released soon.

K*A*S*H started acting as an extra in countless commercials, movies and television shows for Faces to Places talent agency in Toronto and have been featured in a few projects like, A Soldier’s Girl and The Monk (TV show). In 2001, K*A*S*H landed herself a co-starring role of Mary Jones in an off Broadway Gospel musical play in Manhattan called, The Gospel of the Harlem Renaissance written and directed by the late great, Titus Walker of Ujamaa Black Theater. During that year, MTV’s “Spring Bling” aired a sidewalk interview with K*A*S*H as she expressed her views on the influences of the lyrics of popular Hip Hop artists Jay Z and Eminem.

In 2015, K*A*S*H landed herself the lead role as Sheba in the reggae play entitled, Reasoning with My Sisters written and directed by Masani Montague,BA(Hons),MES and produced by Upfront Theatre Foundation. K*A*S*H was the primary songwriter of the Theme Song for the play which was released in December 2015.

K*A*S*H has inherited many gifts and has been comfortable with the stage from a young age. Movement, song and drama separate her from the fold and will crown her amongst the great.

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