Fittis Follows His Musical Journey To CanJam 2019

Biography Fittis (Dwight Samuel) was born in Spanish Town Hospital and raised in Spanish Town Garden Pen. Fittis was born to mother Lorna Christie and farther Desmond Samuels on July 30 1992. He Lived in Antigua for ten years and went to Spanish town high school. Fittis has four brothers and four sisters, he is the fourth child out of his siblings. In 2008, Fittis gave birth to a beautiful daughter name is Jada Samuels. From the tender age of nine Fittis recorded his very first single at Studio Mix where a lot of known artist recorded music like Kallado, QQ, Black Ryno, Agentsasco, Tifa, Demarco, Busy Singal, Octane, RDX and Version. Fiitts has been around music form a very young age and has develop the love for music. Fittis has been doing music from the age of nine. He was originally introduced to music by his uncle Ken Francis. His uncle was a close friend of Lausiono, Fittis first show was with Lausiono, Nanko and Tarrus Riley. Fittis is not only a singer he has also a songwriter and been writing songs from a very young age. He written songs for many artists, he wrote a popular song for Hardonxx called Laugh a lot, this song won Road March in Antigua Carnival competition. Through writing songs for his older cousins, Fittis came to realized his Journey is music. Fittis moved to Antigua in 2002, where he started to pursue his music again. In Antigua, he worked with a few a recording labels – Chosen Sound Records, Red Brick Records and Federation Records. This is where he performed with Tifa, Patexx, Tean Winter, Bering Flames and Recardio Drew. His ultimate focus in music is to reach to that place that no reggae or dancehall artist have been in history. He is not only a reggae and dancehall artist he is also a soca artist. Fittis has many top charting songs, and is known for preforming a song called Bump on Me. He then migrated to Canada 2014 from Antigua, where he has worked with many record labels like Cohesive Records, Street Platinum Records and Palmer Media. He is currently signed to Monster on the Beats , Machete Records. He has performed through Canada, mainly Toronto at many venues and continue to stay current and relevant in the reggae/ dancehall scenes in Toronto.

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