Louis Rankin

Rest in Power to the legendary artist and actor Louis Rankin (Ox), he performed as the headliner at the CanJam 2019 edition.

Leonard Ford, known professionally as Louie Rankin, was a Jamaican dancehall reggae artist and actor. Leonard Ford was born in Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica and grew up in Rockfort and East Kingston. In 1992, he released His most successful song “Typewriter”.

As an actor, he stole the show with roles in cult classics movies like: “Belly” 1998, “Shottas” 2002, “Roaming Lion” 2008, “We Run These Streets” 2014, “Intent 2” 2018. In those genre defining performances, he masterfully embodied the iconic characters of “Ox” and “Teddy Brukshut”.

Rest in Power, Legend!

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