Volunteer Info

To Register please email volunteers@canjam.ca with subject title ‘REGISTRATION’

Registration link (Volunteers): TBA


Application Deadline:

August 1st

About CanJam Festival

CanJam Festival is a Free, First-Class, All-Day, Family and Community Event, where people can immerse themselves in Mississauaga’s diverse & vibrant culture, featuring the Jamaican Canadian Music, Arts, Cuisine and Rich History.

Celebrate the day with us this year at:


Below are most of the volunteer positions we have available:


Volunteer Positions:

Social Media

  • Instagram Ambassador – In ‘real-time,’ capture and share publicly the essence of CANJAM Festival using Instagram. Update, create & curate engaging posts, stories, livestreams best suited for the platform. Photo and Video. Include hashtags.
  • Snapchat Ambassador – Update, create & curate engaging snaps, stories and public content best suited for the platform. Photo and Video.
  • Twitter Ambassador – Update, create dialogue with people and engaging posts best suited for the platform. Text, photo and video. Include hashtags.
  • Facebook Ambassador – Update, create & curate engaging posts, stories and livestreams best suited for the platform. Text, photo and video. Include hashtags.

Artist Relations

  • Artist Hospitality Assisant – Shadow artist hospitality manager in making sure artists and the artist section are taken care of.                  –
  • Give directions to correct sections, be social, keep artists updated, punctual and informed, make artists feel comfortable.

Vendor Relations

  • Vendor Associate – Position Includes shadowing vendors and assisting co-operate a vending booth.
  • Run cash, handle customer service, restock goods.


  • Audio Assistant – Shadow Audio Technician

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design Intern 

Media Production (Photo/Video)

  • Videographer (HD 720/1080p camera required) –
  • Photographer (HD camera required) –

Stage Management

  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Stage prep, clear-out, coordinate with Event Manager, coordinate with Artist Relations.

Master of Ceremonies

  • MC Shadow

Project Management

  • Event Management Assistant – Assist event manager through field operations.
  • Runners (x3) – Assist Event Staff through field operations.


  • Accounting Assistant

Marketing & Promotions

  • Marketing Assistant –

Logistics – Parking, Cleanup

  • Assistant Logistician – Oversee and manage inventory, arrange for appropriate transportation, and establish adequate storage for the inventory. Supply Chain management.

Communications & Publicity

  • Assistant Publicist – Oversee the public image and manage all media relations
    • Scout Media Placements (All Internet media, Social Media, Radio, News, Blogs, Magazines)
  • Sponsorships – Scout Sponsorship Sales & Opportunities.

And more!